General Activity Project #001

AACA CHIP Program ACTY #015 Level 1 “Introductory (5) ”

Activity Overview: Automotive Scrapbook

Objective: To build an old vehicle (cars, trucks or motorcycles) scrapbook, learning about the cars, parts, people and hobby. Collect photos, magazine ads, photos from magazines or newspapers, and pictures of vehicles that are at least 15 years old

Activity Requirements

  1. Find old magazines, newspapers, photographs with pictures of cars, trucks or motorcycles and write down where and how you found them.

  2. Neatly cut the vehicle out for pasting into a scrapbook

  3. Identify the name and year of the car, truck or motorcycle, as well as the model where possible neatly under the picture.

Activity Report

  1. Submit the scrapbook for review and approval

  2. Present what you feel was most interesting to you in building the scrapbook

  3. Describe how well you feel it turned out

  4. See the Resources section for a fun way to grade your own project and work. How many points did you earn?

  5. Describe what you learned from this project

 Activity Resources

  1. Search car show flea markets for sources of old car pictures. Go to car shows to look at the cars, and even take pictures for use in your scrapbook.

  2. Work with your Region/Chapter coordinator to develop you scrap. The coordinator may have access to lots of information.

  3. Judge you work -- just for fun -- use the following

    1. 15 points for cutout neatness

    2. 15 points for layout pasting neatness

    3. 30 points for naming all vehicle marquees

    4. 30 points for naming all years

    5. 5 points for naming all model names

    6. 5 points for naming where and how each picture was found

    7. 1-100 points for the quality of the total scrapbook, taking into account separation by vehicle names by sections.

    8. 5 points for each antique car show flea market where a magazine, newspaper or photograph was found up to a maximum of 100 points