Activity Project #009

AACA CHIP Program ACTV #009 Level 2 “Foundation (10) ”

Activity Overview: Beginning Model Building

Objective: Build a model car, truck or motorcycle or a component such as a visible engine from a kit. The model should be a vehicle that is 15 years older then a new car. The model can be made out of wood, metal or plastic. Painting the model is optional .

Activity Requirements

  1. Visit a store or find a catalog showing model cars, pick out a car that is at least 15 years older then the current year

  2. If you are going to paint the model determine what paint can be used and purchase it.

  3. If building vehicle, model should be of a specific year and brand vehicle.

  4.  Get together the tools that you will need to build the model

  5. Proper caution and adult supervision should be maintained in the use of glues, and modeling tools

  6. Model may or may not include and engine or detailed chassis. and may be of "snap together variety.

  7. Open the box and check to make sure no parts are missing from the kit

  8. Assemble the model per instructions

  9. If you are going to paint the model chose the colors that are appropriate for the car and paint it..

Activity Report

  1. Write or present verbal report or major components of model.

  2. Describe what was learned about the construction of vehicle by building the model

  3. Describe major features of this vehicle.

  4. Describe why this particular model was selected.

  5. Identify major components included in model ie. body, fenders, wheels, frame, interior

  6. Take a picture of the model and send it in with your report (either a print or a digital picture).

Activity Resources

  1. Look in the library for books on building models

  2. Check the web for information about model building

  3. Talk to other friends or individual that have built models to get information on special tips


Doug Drake,