ACTY Project #006

AACA CHIP Program ACTY #006 Level 2 “Foundation (10) ”

Activity Overview: Basic Automobile Trip Safety and Mechanics Inspection

Objective: To teach the basic evaluation of Automobile maintenance and safety before starting a trip or in performing a monthly safety inspection.

Activity Requirements

  1. Obtain your vehicle Owners Manual and service records.

  2. Examine various magazine articles on Trip Auto safety inspection.

  3. Take pictures of various parts that you have checked and inspected.

  4. Note the interval between mechanical service for engine, transmission, cooling system, brakes, lights, turn and brake lights, windshield wipers and tire pressure, wear and rotation.

  5. Look carefully at a map(s) of where you will travel and record the routes and highways you will drive on.

Activity Report

  1. Name all major automobile components to be inspected before trip.

  2. Describe the intervals for inspection of various mechanical systems using Owners manual or Service book.

  3. Describe how to and help check the engine, transmission; cooling system, brake fluid levels by using Owners or Service Manual.

  4. Describe how you check the head and taillights turn and brake signals.

  5. Describe what tire pressures taken should be for your car and what excessive tire-wear could be easily observed. Help check tire pressure and tread\

  6. Describe how windshield wipers are checked and what indicates poor condition.

  7. Describe how you check battery fluid level, and automobiles charging system is working.

Activity Resources

  1. Visit the AACA CHIP program website and review the section on Automobile and Its Parts, Tire evaluation, and Mechanical Service.

  2. Visit your local library or bookstore and look at book about Trip plans.

  3. Visit an AAA Office for planning assistance and safety information.

  4. Visit a Service facility and observe a vehicle safety inspection.

  5. Visit a service facility and ask to observe a car being service or ask an adult to show you how to inspect the lights and fluid levels.



Doug Drake,