ACTY Project #005

AACA CHIP Program ACTY #005 Level 1 “Introductory (5) ”

Activity Overview: Identification and coloring

Objective: To be able to find six different black and white pictures of automobiles that are at least 15 years old and older. Be able to identify what year, manufacture, and model, each picture is. Also be able to color each picture in neatly and correctly.

Activity Requirements

  1. Obtain at least 6 black and white pictures of automobiles that are 15 years old or older. If pictures are not readily available, get some tracing paper and trace pictures out of books or magazines.

  2. Identify the year of each automobile picture.

  3. Identify the manufacture of each automobile picture.

  4. Identify the model of each automobile picture.

  5. Color each picture using either a marker or crayons neatly .

  6. Color the various parts of each automobile the correct color.

  7. Submit the pictures for review and approval

Activity Report

  1. Submit the pictures for review and approval

  2. Either on the picture or a separate page list the year, make, and model (for example 1967 mustang convertible)

Activity Resources

  1. Look through various books and magazines for pictures of automobiles that are 25 years old or older.

  2. Visit the AACA Chip Program website and see if there are black and white pictures available, and if so print them and complete your project. (Look in CHIP resource tab)

  3. Check in your local toy store or drug store to see if there are any coloring books that are related to automobiles



Doug Drake,