ACTY Project #001

AACA CHIP Program ACTY #001 Level 2 “Foundation (10) ”

Activity Overview: “Automobile and its Parts”

Objective: Learn the fundamental parts of the automobile. Understand the function of some of vehicles key parts, what the parts do and how the automobile has changes over the years. There are or will be many more CHIP dedicated to learning the overall automobile and its parts, this CHIP is the beginning level to become familiar with the car and its term

Activity Requirements

  1. Meet with an adult that know automobiles and discuss the many parts to the automobile

  2. Look at all of the external parts of the car and learn about them, such as fenders, hoods, wheels, tops etc.

  3. Use worksheets that help identify those parts.

  4. Study the basic parts under the hood. Such as engine, distributor, starter, generator or alternator

  5. Evaluate inside the car and learn about different components

Activity Report

  1. Walk around the automobile and identify different parts, such as bumpers, hoods, fenders, running board if on a car

  2. Walk around the automobile and identify different parts such as exhaust, wheels, springs, shocks, rear axles, front axles

  3. In the car identify what is the steering wheel and what it does, and other components in the car

  4. Tell the difference between a sedan, convertible, a wagon, a 4 door, 2 door

  5. Explain what you learned that you did not know and what you would like to learn at another time

Activity Resources

  1. Work with a knowledgeable adult on leaning the different parts of the car

  2. Read service manuals that shoe different parts of the car

  3. Go to the junior website and read

  4. Go to the AACA junior website and read about different parts of the car: for example

  5. Participate in an Automobile and its pars program at a AACA national meet or tour



Doug Drake,