Welcome!   ..... Are you ready for Summer yet!!!! ..... Welcome to the Antique Automobile Club of America's Youth Development Program, The CHIP Program! We look forward to a GREAT future together!.....

The AACA CHIP Program

... Where muscle cars, trucks, foreign cars, sports cars, motorcycles, steam cars, electric vehicles, antiques, classics, collector cars and club activities all come together under YOUR power!

... Where you have fun drawing, designing, disassembling, assembling, participating, painting, researching, writing, reading and much, much more!!

... Where you get to show off the power, speed, design, class, toughness and reliability of your favorite vehicle!!!


The Objective of the CHIP Program is to provide an interesting and educational program that will excite all ages to participate and learn about motorized vehicles, the transportation industry, and the skills (mechanical and artistic) required by the various  maintenance, restoration and preservation projects. Participants in the program have the chance to earn awards, gain recognition (locally and nationally), enhance their skills and get satisfaction & confidence. Each person will benefit from the knowledge that they CAN carry a project from start to successful finish!


Participants will have the opportunity to benefit from the vast knowledge-base found in the largest Antique Car club in the world, AACA. In turn, AACA will benefit from the influx of new ideas, new projects, and new patrons that may broaden the Foundation for future membership.

The AACA CHIP program will help you learn about the automobile, the use of tools, automotive history, and club participation by rewarding you when you do individual & group activities that we have set up for you.

What is the “AACA CHIP” program? It is a program where you can do a project-based activity and be rewarded for completing it. Each activity will have a short report for you to complete; if you are young and need help writing that report, we allow help from an adult. The activities fall into 14 different categories and are set up for various age groups. On the left side of this screen you will see the names of these categories. If you click on one (like “mechanical”) you will see projects that you can work on to earn an award.

For every project completed you will received an AACA CHIP,  a 1 inch by 2 inch metal badge that has a beautifully colored design showing the project's name and a picture of the type of activity that was done . Each activity has points assigned to it that will be used to gain additional awards. After you do 12 activities and gain enough points, you are able to receive special awards for reaching that level. More awards are available at intervals of 12 CHIPS (like 24, 36, 48, etc...). Here are your next steps to get started:


  1. Register (see CHIP Registration menu choice) so you are able to participate in the program. All of your information is kept confidential.

  2. Choose a project or projects that you would like to do. To view the current Project lists, go to the menu on the left and click on the links found under the "CHIP Projects Ordered by School Level" section.

  3. Follow the project's activity sheet and work on the project to completion.

  4. Complete the Project Report and submit it to the review team or your youth coordinator. You can mail it in, email it in or complete your report on-line (see the "Submit a CHIP Project Report" selection on the left menu)

  5. When your project is Approved as finished, you will receive an email (or you will receive an email to identify what you need to do to get your project approved).

  6. Once approved, you will be able to download an award certificate from your personal file.

  7. Once approved, you are entitled to your CHIP for that project. After you earn five CHIPs, you will automatically receive your CHIPs in the mail. If you want your CHIP before reaching that 5-CHIP level, you may send a self addressed envelope to the program award chairman and your CHIP will be mailed to you.

  8. Keep on going!! Don't stop, and feel free to send us an email with your thoughts, ideas, suggestions and recommendations for the Program and the projects.


The Antique Automobile Club of America, founded in 1935, is the world's largest automotive historical society with over 60,000 members and 400 regional clubs!. The AACA is dedicated to perpetuating memories of early automobiles by encouraging their history, collection and use through local clubs and organizations:

AACA National Headquarters facility. Come visit!

AACA Library & Research Center. We can help!

The AACA Museum - An interactive, revolving display of Vehicular History. Don't miss the Gift Center!

AACA National Headquarters

AACA Library & Research Center

The AACA Museum.


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