A lot of times, overheating is caused by a stopped-up radiator. Rust and grease from the engine and water pump work their way through the engine and lodge in the radiator.

To stop the matter from reaching the radiator, a screen can be placed in the upper radiator hose. Here’s how:

  1.  Cut two pieces of window screen (aluminum is good, but brass is better), about 1” larger in diameter than the radiator inlet pipe.

  2. Form each piece over the outside of the radiator inlet pipe making a cup. Push each cupped screen into the upper radiator hose from the engine end toward the radiator end of the hose. It should fit snug. Push the second screen to a point just below the first screen. Do not push the two screens together. Do not push the screens so that they are crushed by the radiator pipe after installation.

The object of the screens is to trap rust before it can ever enter the radiator. The screens should be cleaned about every 500 miles at first. After that, at intervals as needed. It is recommended that if the radiator has been on the car a long time or if the radiator seems to lose its water after long drives, the radiator should be cleaned to remove all rust and grease.

1974 Model A Restorer