Ford Accessories

  1-Visor for Headlights

  2-Barrel Headlights

  3-Radiator Shield

  4-Motor Meter, Eclectically Lighted, Surmounted by
     Figure of Mercury

  5-Spring Hood Clamps

  6-Hood Lights

  7-Special Carburetor

  8-Arm Semaphore

  9-Combination Spot & Trouble Light with Mirror Back

10-Sun Visor

11–Slanted Windshield

12-Spot Light

13-Electrically Heated Steering Wheel

14-Baby Carrier

15-Dome Light in Tonneau

16-Brass-Strips to protect Paint


18-Spike Theft Preventer

19-Spare Tire Carrier

20-Rear Bumper Attached to Mud Guard

21-Spare Tire Lock

22-Exhaust Whistle

23-Oversize Tires

24-Lugage Carrier

25-Shock Absorbers

26-Wright Stop Signal

27-Door Locks

28-Watch on Steering Wheel


30-Steering Column Lock

31-Gear Shift Lever


33-Non-Skid Pedals

34-Emergency Gas, Oil, & Water

35-Visible Tire Gauge

36-Front Bumper-and They Sell ‘Em

Details of Dashboard