A list of the years and the colors of authentic
NC License Plates

The registration of automobiles in North Carolina began July 1, 1909. The State issued only the number to be used and a registration certificate. The actual license plate had to be made by the owner himself. The material used to be used was not specified and neither was the size of the plate, but the number on the plate had to in Arabic and at least 3" high. They had to be of opposite color on black or white, the arrangement being the choice of the owner. (read 1909 NC Motor Vehicle Law)



1913 white on black
1914 red on white
1915 white on green
1916 black on gray
1917 white on blue
1918 blue on white
1919 white on blue
1920 black on yellow
1921 white on maroon
1922 black on white
1923 white on green
1924 maroon on white
1925 white on blue
1926 black on orange
1927 white on black
1928 white on green
1929 white on blue
1930 white on maroon
1931 yellow on black
1932 black on yellow
1933 white on blue
1934 yellow on black
1935 silver on black
1936 green on black
1937 yellow on black
1938 black on yellow
1939 silver on maroon
1940 red on silver
1941-1950 alternate orange and black
1951 red on white
1952 white on red
1953-1966 alternate orange and black
1967 green on natural reflectorized
1968 red on natural reflectorized
1969 green on natural reflectorized
1970 red on natural reflectorized
1971 green on on natural reflectorized
1972 blue on natural reflectorized
1973 red on natural reflectorized
1974 green on natural reflectorized

red on natural reflectorized