Car Trivia #4


Answer questions about the early days
of motoring and automobiles.

Check your answers after completing the test
to see how you did!


1. How many mounted spare tires did the 1916 Hudson have?





2. What year was the first woman driver in the US?





3. What year was the first automobile finance company formed?





4. What auto company introduced the first hand brake, located on the driver's left in 1914?





5. Whatyear was coast-tocoast bus service first offered in the US?





6. Was there more taxi cabs in New York City in 1929 or 1983?



7. What state required automobile license plates in 1901?




   New York

8. What company ibtroduced the first balloon tire in 1923?

   Firestone Tire & Rubber Company


9. What city had the first automobile Police Patrol Wagon in 1899?

   Detroit, Michigan

   New York City

   Akron, Ohio

10. What year was the first three-colored traffic light installed in Detroit, Michigan?