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1902   Git A Horse! info [Sheet Music
  Modern Version
1903   Uncle Josh On A Fifth Avenue Bus
recorded by Cal Stewart

1903   On An Automobile Honeymoon [About] [Sheet Music]
  sung by Harry Tally
19??   Modern Version
1904   Reuben Haskin's Ride on the Cyclone Automobile
1904   Uncle Josh On An Automobile
  recorded by Cal Stewart and Henry Spencer
1905   In My Merry Oldsmobile [About]  [Lyrics]  [1905 Sheet Music]  [1920s Sheet Music]
  sung by Collins and Harlan

sung by Billy Murray

1939   sung by Bing Crosby (The Music Maids & John Scott Trotter Orchestra)

Modern Version

1905   Take A Car
  sung by Collins and Harlan
1906   The Little Chauffeur   [About]  [Sheet Music]    
  sung by Billy Murray
1906   Out In An Automobile [About] [Sheet Music]
  sung by Collins and Harlan
1907   Automobile Parody
  sung by Nat M Willis
1907    I Think I Oughn't Auto Any More
  sung by Billy Murray
1908   Pat O'Brien's Automobile
  recorded by Steve Porter
1909   Autoduett aus Hochparterre
  This song is in German. Translation of title - Auto Duet from the stage.sung by Grete Widecke and Karl Nebe
1909   Keep Away From The Fellow Who Owns An Automobile [About]  [Lyrics] [Sheet Music]
  sung by Ada Jones
19??   sung by William Cutter, tenor; Margaret O'Keefe, soprano; Michael Ouellette, baritone; Pamela Wood, soprano; Charles Shadle, piano
19??   Modern Version
1909   Take Me Out For A Joy Ride
1910   Flanagan's Motor Car  
  recorded by Steve Porter
1912   Gasoline Gus and His Jitney Bus [About]  [Sheet Music]
  sung by Billy Murray
1915   sung by George O'Connor
1913   He'd Have to Get Under, Get Out, and Get Under  [About] [Lyrics] [Sheet Music]
  sung by Billy Murray
1939   sung by Hoosier Hot Shots
19??   sung by - Bobby Horton
1913     Low-Backed Car
    sung by - John McCormack
1915     The Little Ford Rambled Right Along [About] [Sheet Music]
    sung by - Billy Murray
1915   Uncle Josh Buys An Automobile
recorded by Cal Stewart
1915     When He Wanted To Love Her (He Would Put Up The Cover)
  Modern Version
1916     In The Back Seat of The Old Henry Ford [Sheet Music]
1917   Goldberg's Automobile Troubles
  sung by Dave Martin
1922   Cohen Phones About His Automobile
1924     Ray and His Little Chevrolet
    Modern Version
1924   Will Rogers Nominates Henry Ford For President
recorded by Will Rogers
1925   On That Dixie Bee Line
  sung by Vernon Dalhart
1926   Rolls Royce Papa
  sung by Virginia Liston
1926   Thanks For the Buggy Ride [About] [Sheet Music]
  Modern Version
1927   Since Henry Ford Apologized to Me  [About] [Record]
  sung by The Happiness Boys
1927   We're the Sunday Drivers new
  sung by Billy Murray Trio (Carl Mathieu, Monroe Silver and Billy Murray)
1928   Henry's Made A Lady Out of Lizzie [Sheet Music]
  sung by Billy Jones and Ernest Hare
19??   Modern Version
1928   I'm Wild About Horns on Automobiles
  Modern Version
1928   Poor Lizzie [Sheet Music]
  sung by The Happiness Boys


  That Brand New Model of Mine


  Tumble In A Rumble


  The Automobile Song
  sung by - Benny Bell