Club Photographs

2017 Philadelphia Convention


2016 Local Events


Ed and Charlene Freidmam                                        Breanne Porter cleaning grandma's (Ellen Deno) '57 Chevy


Core group of region members for ice cream               Conference at the Boalsburg show

2016 Sentimental Tour


Grandson Cabot and Ellen Deno                                Ellen and Cabot with friend Anderson

2016 Founder's Tour (Hosted by the Allegheny Mt. Region)

Scott Deno, Pat Swigart, Bob Parrish, Gladys Guyer   Fred (parking coordinator) & Nina Hammer

Lama's are friendly                                              Gail Whitman and Cathy Searer - Hospitality

Penn's Cave

Wayne Burgress and wife Gloria                                      Cars parked at Penn's Cave

Members on the Glidden Tour in Holland, MI 2010

Region Members Having Fun 

Some region member's cars on Tour

2007 Boalsburg Military Museum Show

Fire Trucks were featured

Memorial Day, come join us on MMay 30, 2011


2000 Eagles Mere Tour

scan2.jpg (55349 bytes) Eagles Mere Inn

Eagles Mere, Pennsylvania

Em2.jpg (82195 bytes)                    

Entertaining the Group - Frank Viceate and wife Connie                          

1999 Route 6 Tour

Rt6 Group.JPG (154709 bytes) Front:  William Swigart, Susan Struble. 

1st Row:  Christine & Denny Stachmus.  

2nd Row:  Scott Deno, Jane Derr, Evenly Schultz, Joann Hacker, & Pat Swigart.                                                                
3rd Row:  Ellen Deno, Bob Derr, Chuck Firman, Inge Miller, Carl Hacker, and Bob Struble.                                               
4th Row:  Bob Schultz, Gladys & Bill Guyer, and Paul & Virginia Swartz.

Holiday Inn.JPG (182314 bytes)    Smethoport Lineup.JPG (213704 bytes)

Denny Stachmus receiving valuable advise                Lineup at Smethport along the Rt. 6 Tour.
while looking at the Buick.

Kinzua Bridge.JPG (132102 bytes)    Canyon.JPG (216693 bytes)

Kinzua Bridge along the Rt. 6 Tour.                          Wellsboro - Little Grand Canyon along Rt. 6 Tour


1999 Fallingwater/Bedford/Johnstown
Weekend Tour

Falling Group.JPG (141987 bytes) Group Photo at Fallingwater.                                                                                                                                       Kneeling:   Bob Houtz & Scott Deno. 

First Row:  Charles, Pat, & Perrin Ryan,
Joann Hacker, Ellen Deno, and Carol Houtz.  

Back Row:  Bob & Susan Struble,
Carl Hacker, Gail & Harry Whitman, Chuck Ryan,
and Bill & Gladys Guyer

Struble_Whitman.JPG (139934 bytes)    Harrywmap.JPG (188433 bytes)

Harry Whitman helping Bob Struble              "Carol, I told you I know exactly where I am going. 
when a headlight was broken.                       There is no need to follow a map."

CarCB.JPG (179885 bytes)     Cars_bridge.JPG (192906 bytes)

Ready for Bedford/Johnstown tour.                    Parking by covered bridge in Bedford.
Pat Ryan armed with CB radio.  
"Carol, grab that map!" 

bridge.JPG (174472 bytes)

Covered bridge located in Bedford, Pennsylvania.


1998 Glidden Tour Group

Gliddengroup.JPG (140224 bytes) Harry & Gail Whitman, William & Patricia Swigart, Carol & Bob Houtz, Bob & Marge Cutright, Scott & Ellen Deno, Leonard & Gerda LeCrone, Susan & Bob Struble, and Bob & Evelyn Schultz


1998 Gettysburg Tour

getty1.jpg (151006 bytes)    getty2.jpg (123911 bytes)

Gettysburg Tour Group Photo                                               Outside the Comfort Inn

getty3.jpg (143317 bytes)    getty4.jpg (129353 bytes)

The Gangs All Here!                                           Making Repairs - We've got a hot one here!

getty5.jpg (160460 bytes)    getty6.jpg (172497 bytes)

The National Gettysburg Battlefield Tower          The Lincoln Address Memorial

getty7.jpg (166291 bytes)    getty8.jpg (101084 bytes)

Gettysburg National Cemetary for Those            The Pennsylvania Monument
Fallen in the Battlefield.

getty9.jpg (143054 bytes)


1997 Wellsboro Tour

pwells1.JPG (123953 bytes)    pwells2.JPG (151005 bytes)

Outside the Penn-Wells Hotel                                   Line-Up for Wellsboro Parade

pwells3.JPG (152856 bytes)

The Main Street in Wellsboro


1996 Lancaster Tour

lncstr1.JPG (108823 bytes)    lncstr2.JPG (124077 bytes)

The Red Caboose Motel - Group's Lodging in Lancaster

lncstr3.JPG (127953 bytes)    lncstr4.JPG (131606 bytes)

Lancaster Tour Group Photo                        Stranded in Lancaster!!!


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