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Antique Auto Mushers of 
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Introduction to the AAMA
The Antique Auto Mushers of Alaska is the state's oldest and largest antique automobile club. This Alaska non-profit corporation is dedicated to the preservation, restoration, maintenance and enjoyment of antique automobiles and to the historical and educational aspects of the antique automobile hobby.
AAMA was founded in 1961 when a group of antique auto enthusiasts began meeting at the Northern Lights Service Club on Elmendorf Air Force Base, just outside of Anchorage. Membership has grown to over 90 members, who enjoy a full schedule of automobile and social events throughout the year.
The club meets to conduct business on the second Wednesday of each month (except in December) at the Robinson's Club Room, 3318 Jerde Circle, Anchorage at 7:30pm. For directions call Robbie at 333-0693 or Diane Allen at 345-6355. It participates in the Anchorage Adopt-A-Road project each summer and has shows and activities beginning with the annual Installation of Officers in January, and continuing with the Fur Rendezvous Parade and Show, the May Early Bird Cruise, the annual Early Summer Meet, Fourth of July Parades and a host of other events, culminating with the annual Christmas Party in December.
AAMA Vehicles
Ownership of an antique or classic automobile is not required for membership in AAMA, but most members have a vehicle that fits a classification recognized in the hobby. These include four main groups of vehicles: Antique vehicles are pre-1930 models;  Classic and Production vehicles are the later models. Exceptionally fine cars of specific makes such as Duesenberg, Rolls-Royce, Cord, etc. dating from 1930 through 1942 are recognized as Classic. A new group of limited production luxury vehicles is recognized as Specified Prestige Vehicles. Examples of this class are the Jaguar Mark IV, Oldsmobile Fiesta and Rolls-Royce.


Tinkering Times





The AAMA official newsletter, Tinkering Times, is published monthly to inform the members of coming events, of what has occurred in the recent past and news of our members. It has attracted national and international attention the last eight years through awards bestowed by the Antique Auto Club of America. From 1994 through 2003, it received the Award of Excellence , which places it among the top 15 of more than 400 AACA chapter newsletters. Also for the year 2000, Tom Cresap, our past-editor received the Prestigious Ann Eady Award which is a special award presented each year to an editor whose service to region or chapter and to AACA as a whole best exemplifies the spirit of the late Ann Eady, whose work as editor of the Southeastern Region AACA's award-winning Peachtree Parade touched many individuals. Judging for the Eady award is done by the Nation Publications Committee, and the winner is announced at the Annual Meeting's Awards Banquet.



The AAMA official website informs its members of coming events, what has occurred in the recent past, news of our members and to promote interest in the antique automobile hobby in Alaska. It has attracted national attention by receiving the 2001, 2002 & 2003 Award of Excellence for Regional Websites  and the 2002 Master Webmaster Award bestowed by the Antique Auto Club of America.

Antique Auto Mushers of Alaska is a chapter of the Antique Automobile Club of America. Although AAMA is administered in an autonomous manner, holding meetings, collecting local dues and conducting events, membership in the national Antique Automobile Club of America is required. AACA application is provided upon application to AAMA or on request. For further information on membership or to contact the club write to:
Antique Auto Mushers of Alaska
P.O.Box 232086
Anchorage, Alaska 99523-2086
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